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Alternative titles to this blog post: “The Story of Today”, “Poetry Has Its Eyes on You”, “Case of Study #1″,”Your Obedient Author”. In case you haven’t guessed yet, I have caught the Hamilton fever, which stared about a week ago when I first got my hands on the soundtrack and basically been listening to it Non-Stop.

In case you don’t know, Hamilton is a Broadway Musical Production by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Although, if you don’t know, I  wonder for how long you have been living under a rock. Hamilton has been all over the place for months now. Tickets are virtually sold out in perpetuity, is constantly winning prices and breaking records, and has changed the way we understand theater forever. I am quite sure there is nothing I can say about its relevance that has not been said before.

And why is this relevant to a poetry blog?” – Some of my readers, probably.

Music is the way poetry survives nowadays. In fact, music is the way music survives nowadays. During the XVII century, music was mostly instrumental and three poets could be found under every cobblestone. Somehow through the centuries all of this changed, for better or for worse, and now it’s easy to consider poetry in the verge of extinction. But the same way nobody would say music nowadays is irrelevant, it would be at least ignorant to forget modern music as the main way poetry lives and prospers right now.

And when it comes to poetry, Hamilton is one of the masterpieces of our time. The story of one of America’s founding father goes from love to hate to happiness to despair to political dispute to the great ideals that shape humanity and history. Combine this with very different musical styles flawlessly performed and Miranda’s writing mastery, and the 46 Hamilton’s songs are to be considered one of the best recompilation of poetry of the XXI century (less than two decades into it).

In case you are still not convinced of its greatness, I attach the trailer for the OBC show. In case you are, you can follow for more news on twitter or facebook. Watch out – the Hamilton phenomenon is far from over.



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