Can’t do it alone

Bibliography: a list of works, esp. a list of source materials used in preparing a work or referred to in the text (WordReference Random House Learner’s Dictionary of American English © 2016).

Today we are going to talk about giving credits, people! I’m starting with the definition of bibliography because that is the best example of giving credit I can think of. Despite how boring I find working on my bibliographies (I mean, my essay is done and so am I, can’t we just forget about it already?), I think they are maybe the most important part of anything you work on, because it validates your ideas and acknowledges the people who actually thought them. In other words, you don’t steal (and you wouldn’t like to be stolen from, right?) and you give your work more value. It was about time we did one for our blog!

First things first, I wanna give credits to my wonderful blogmates, Ana and Pablo, without whom this blog would have way less content and value. I salute you.

Second, because I am quite old-fashioned and like to pretend I live in the 19th century, my main poetry source is a book, you know, those made of paper with stuff print on them. I know, it’s weird. Anyway, the internet is way more useful because it doesn’t matter how complete my book is, it is quite far from having an absolute compilation of poetry. Sorry, book. Where do I find the poems I refer to? I know and quote mostly Spanish poetry, but I found a site for English poetry in case you want to check (or in case I ever quote English poetry which is pretty good as well). In my ignorance I am unable to understand poetry from other languages, but I would love to read (translations of) and appreciate it, so if you have any recommendation for places to find poetry in your language, please leave them in the comments (thanks!).

Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the multimedia society in which we live, where poetry has gone beyond some print in some book or webpage. In this multidimensional poetry, which is not only meant to be read, but also to be interpreted, seen and listened to (quite as if we were turning back to the Ancient Greek times!), Spoken Word is one of my favorite examples. Button Poetry (tw: rape, violence, suicide, crime, illness…) is a very compelling youtube channel that collects works from the most prominent poets from our time speaking out about the problems of (mostly) western society. This poetry has more strength because of the way it is interpreted, a tool that perfectly fits its purpose (creating social awareness), and I highly recommend it.

And that’s all so far. I will keep on quoting my sources on my following posts when relevant and necessary. Have a good day and, don’t forget, give credit!



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