En perseguirme, Mundo ¿qué interesas?

This week blogpost provides me an incredible second chance. Some weeks ago I uploaded an “important case study”, which meant that I had to investigate and write about an event, or a poem, or a person in specific. I chose to do it about Sarah Kay, whom I admire, and her poetry. Yet, the decision was tough because I really wanted to do it about a Latin American poet. However, today I have de amazing opportunity to tell you about one of my favorite poets, who not only is Latin-American but also happens to be Mexican (Yay!).

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz was born in San Miguel Nepantla, Mexico, in 1651 and died in Mexico City in 1695. She was a child prodigy; she learnt to read at the age of 3 and wrote her first poem at the age of 8. She loved reading, studying and writing, and that´s why she took the decision of joining the Order of St. Jerome. She wasn´t really religious, but she didn´t feel like getting married and if she joined the Order she could keep doing what she loved.

She was one of the most emblematic figures of Romanticism in Latin America. And she is also well known for her liberal perspectives; she could even be considered a predecessor for feminist literature. Examples of her femenist tendencies might be found in her book “Respuesta a Sor Filotea” [1] or in her poem “Hombres Necios” [2].

To finish this entry I would like to post “En perseguirme, Mundo ¿qué interesas?” which is a poem that not only portraits the feminism we were talking about earlier, but also portraits her style. Even if you don´t understand Spanish very well, you can realize by the way it sounds that it is a masterpiece. And if you really want to understand the poem thoroughly, I am glad to remind you that there are certain tools that can help you. Without anything else to say, I leave you the poem (the written and the audio version). Hope you enjoy it:

En perseguirme, Mundo ¿qué interesas?

En perseguirme, Mundo, ¿qué interesas?

¿En qué te ofendo, cuando sólo intento

poner bellezas en mi entendimiento

y no mi entendimiento en las bellezas?

Yo no estimo tesoros ni riquezas;

y así, siempre me causa más contento

poner riquezas en mi entendimiento

que no mi entendimiento en las riquezas.

Y no estimo hermosura que, vencida,

es despojo civil de las edades,

ni riqueza me agrada fementida,

teniendo por mejor, en mis verdades,

consumir vanidades de la vida

que consumir la vida en vanidades.

Ana  Salas


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