Doing it for the likes

     Well, I’m definetly not doing this blog for the likes: poetry seems such an old-fashioned topic nowadays that it barely has any presence on social media. But… doesn’t it?

     As I have previously stated, poetry is still alive nowadays in ways we would sometimes not even think aboout it. Songs are one way, and songs are all over the internet. From buzzfeed pages that recommend lyrics for when you need an instagram caption (because lyrics -aka poetry- are the best captions); to the fact that virutally every single or song is uploaded on youtube (you can check our early post, most of which include songs/poems from this social media). Just the same way than printing press did more than half a century ago, internet is expanding the horizons of distribution of knowledge and, even though poetry is not “trendy” as such, it still benefits for the easiness of distribution with which internet provides for. Some media, such as twitter, is giving poetry new forms: instead of sonets, we now have 140 characters tweets. The Independent explains how this new form of poetry was born and raised. Twitter is as well, overall, a good channel for the distribution of poetry through accounts such as The Poetry Society (which holds an official status). Was that not enough, I have already mentioned on some previous posts how poetry was meant to be listened to, and for that goal Youtube would be a perfect example of social media where poetry is not only present, but where it can grow to become multidimensional.

     Poetry survives all across social media with and without people noticing. It’s not a fade, it’s not “hipster”, and it’s not only on the hands of a few, cultured people: anyone shares poetry on their social media today… and some of them do it for the likes. Because we do like poetry.



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