Poetry for the world 

Believe it or not, for the past few years social media has contributed to the resurrection of poetry. This art, that seem to be lost for good some years ago, has gained strength due to the new types of media. From the appearance of Youtube to the implementation of videos on Facebook, all those changes have made poetry a little bit more accessible and approachable for people. Moreover, multimedia communication and internet have made possible for amateur writers to be able to publish their masterpieces without the necessity of finding a publisher. 

If you go to Youtube and you look for the word “poetry”, the list of results that will appear is endless. And if, for example, you felt like looking up “Here I Love You” by Pablo Neruda in Youtube’s browser, you would find a lot of videos in which people are reading that poem out loud. Youtube became this kind of database in which you can find almost every poem in its audio version. However, Youtube also works as the biggest free publisher. Anyone with a regular camera can upload their very own material and become poets, as easy as that. There are many current poets that owe their success and fame to Youtube. Such are the cases of Sarah Kay or Dark Matter. It is also important to acknowledge Facebook’s essential role for poetry today. Facebook, for modern poetry, is like a massive and free advertising agency. The simple way in which a posts can be shared helps the content to reach a wider audience in less time. 

Finally, I would like to mention my blog as a meta-example for this week’s entry. But my blog is only one of thousands; poetry is one of the most frequent topics for blogs today. If you look up “poetry blogs” in Google, Google finds 13,200,000 different results. So, basically, what I’m trying to say is that the there are infinite examples as to how social media covers poetry. A due to the way in which we can interact in social media sites, our love for poetry is easy to spread. We should be thankful. 

(Image from The Oddysey Online)

Ana Salas 


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