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We live in a world in which the word “success” practically rules every action we do in live. “7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Achieve Better Success in Life” or “The 4 Habits You Need to Be Successful”. The final goal of our studies and careers is this abstract state of success that everyone encourage us to pursuit. In addition, capitalism and globalization put you in a world-wide market in which you have to compete with the best people doing the same thing that you are doing, so poetry may appear as an odd, even anachronist way to obtain success in this constant competition. Poetry is not about a man writing down his thoughts to sell as much copies as he can, but more about expressing the troubles and realities that no other discipline can approach such as love and emotions in an artistic way.


Given the rise of these thoughts, it might be quite complicated to find someone that would care about this topic. In fact, since the middle of the 20th century, traditional poetry has decreased in its activity. But we can’t say that poetry is becoming dead. Au contaire! I’m here today to talk about the coverage of poetry in social media. My colleagues have discussed before other pages such as Twitter, Blogs, Buzzfeed or YouTube, so in this post I’m going to let you discover some more little sites but still very helpful to the art of poetry. Well, we are going to “expand” the traditional idea of poetry. Let’s consider music as a way of poetry, which in reality it is. Look at Bob Dylan and its recent Nobel Prize. There are lots of forums discussing the lyrics of songs, such as Song Meanings and All The Lyrics, that are encouraging people to go further than listening to a song, but to understanding, which is always done with a poem. Moving onto pure poetry, not sang one, some forums of writing can be found such as Wattpad and Micropoetry. These media give more opportunities to writers to be read, and to be commented. So, even if the commercialization of poetry has severely decrease, there are still some forms of it in the internet which contribute with some new features like easy feedback.

In general, social media has provided a speaker to poetry, it has taken it out of the old drawer in which this necessary and beautiful art was into. So thank you social media, I guess.

Bibliography: Acerca de la actualidad de la poesía

Image: Lit Drift

Must read: Daily Dot article about the renaissance of poetry in social media.



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