“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” 

I decided to name my last entry after the song “Closing time” by Semisonic; because, as we have seen with my fellow bloggers’ posts, music is also poetry. And also because, in this case, the song portraits perfectly the situation we are facing: it is time to say goodbye.

I had always been curious about what having a blog would be like, and wondered if I would be able to pull it off if I tried. So for me it was a very enriching experience to be forced to do something I was afraid of trying before: putting myself out there. It was a leap of faith, but today I’m glad to say that it went way better than expected. Having to take care of the blog taught me 2 things mainly: discipline and trust.

Discipline, because every Thursday I had to sit down and break my head trying to come up with something to write that had to do both with poetry and the weekly topic. But also trust, because I had to come to terms with the fact that, even when my English is not perfect and I may get information wrong, I should not keep myself from trying. Sometimes I will have mistakes, and it’s alright; I just have to correct and learn from them.

But overall, it wasn’t at all boring. Even if at times it was challenging, my Thursday afternoon was usually the part of the week I looked forward to. The fact that your homework is to write about something you love always makes things easier and better. I wrote 7 blogposts in total: My first rhyme, A Modern Poet, Dissected Poetry, En perseguirme, Mundo ¿qué interesas?, Poetry for the world, and Who wins?. It was awesome to realize that some people out there actually were interested in what we had to say. We had visitors from the US, Mexico, Australia, India, UK, and Spain; and some of them were kind enough to leave comments or like our posts.

For all the things I stated above, it is heartbreaking for me to say farewell. I think it is more than stated that I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with blogs. So with nothing else to say, I leave you one last piece of poetry, this time written by me. Hope you like it.

Y de pronto quedó la nada

Donde alguna vez existió todo.

No más sueños de día,

no más realidades de noche.

Se desplomó.

Se desplomó como se desploman las utopías,

Como se desploman las cosas que no se crean ni se destruyen.

Se desplomó para transformarse,

Como la energía.

Para renacer,

Como el fénix de la mitología,

Se desplomó.

Y de pronto quedó la nada,

Donde alguna vez existió todo.

No más sueños de día,

Ni realidades de noche.

Una fortaleza,

derrumbada por los hechos.

Una construcción,

devastada por la rutina.

Pero de entre las ruinas,

Y de las carbonizadas cenizas

Emergió otro intento.

Ana Salas


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