One Last Time

The only way I could start this blog was, obviously, quoting George Washington on my title (or at least George Washington’s character on Hamilton). One Last Time is a heartbreaking song where the presidents “teach[es] them how to say goodbye”. In case you want to check it, I am nowhere close to Washington’s greatness but his words are very compelling and appropiate  for what we are facing.

I guess you know by now this a goodbye entry. I have enjoyed working on this blog so much about a topic I love so much, it is actually hard for me to say goodbye as well. Through all of my entries (Of Poetry and Blogs, The Blog Where It Happens, Can’t Do It Alone, Juana de América, Doing It For the Likes, [She Is] The Dragon Breathing Fire, Beautiful Man, and now this one) I have been able to express myself and to defend something I strongly believed needs to be defended: poetry as a necessity for the human soul. I have enjoyed these few weeks more than you can imagine and I have learned quite a lot as well.

There is only something left for me to do to say goodbye: show a poem where somebody who writes better than me can explain that exact feeling sometimes is hard to describe. Dear fellows, a brief fragment from A La Inmensa Mayoría by Blas de Otelo:

Aquí tenéis, en canto y alma, al hombre
aquel que amó, vivió, murió por dentro
y un buen día bajó a la calle: entonces
comprendió: y rompió todos su versos.

(here you have, in song and soul, that man who loved, lived, died inside and one good day he came down to the street: then he understood: and he ripped all of his verses).

 Have a good day.


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