Time to say goodbye

This is the end. As Jorge Manrique said in his poems, everything has to pass in this life.

No se engañe nadie, no,
pensando que ha de durar
lo que espera
más que duró lo que vio,
pues que todo ha de pasar
por tal manera.

But let’s don’t do a world about this, ok? I hope that you have enjoyed reading my posts as well as I have enjoyed writing them. We weren’t alone in our first meeting though. We were with Bécquer, Lorca and the rest. We also admitted a new member in our club, saying Welcome Mr. Facebook. Then, we started to know each other better, that’s when we really knew David Ruiz: Naturally perfect. We were so amazed with him that we wanted to say to him O Captain! My Captain! But, the real goal of our meeting was to discover Precious web resources in poetry, and precious events, things that struck as Like a Rolling Nobel Prize.

Now that all of that is over I can say that I have discovered a world that I don’t want to forget. It has been difficult for me to write in English, the first posts above all. Trying to find the right language, the right tone, the precise words to describe the things I wanted… But I think I have done well. It was easier to understand and adapt to this blogworld with the guidance of the teacher on how to use hyperlinks and how to make you, readers, kept interested in what we were writing. But this isn’t the end of the way, the end of the camino!

“I’ll be back” like the Terminator said. But now, it’s time to say goodbye (yet another poem for you to now, this time in italian).


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